Cathy Alston, MA, LPMFT

I am Cathy Alston and I am currently working towards my license in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have experience working with families, couples, individuals dealing with communication, emotional intimacy, grief, anxiety, and interpersonal issues.

 I am trained from a systemic perspective and believe that often times people feel stuck because they think they have no choices. One of my strengths is to map out possible choices with clients and encourage them to be the author of their own life. My academic background in human services allows me to be able to examine and uncover one’s underlying assumptions, feelings, and emotions.

I am passionate about working with the youth, individuals, couples, and families.  I consider my work as a therapist as something I was called to do. I want to help people tap into their inner strengths to overcome their most difficult struggles.

Types of concerns I primarily work with: Anxiety/Depression, Children/Youth, Individuals, Families, Couples, Addictions, and Spirituality.